Cheshire's Austin Taxi Service

Vintage London taxis for your special day

Meet Bertie

Bertie - front view

Bertie is presented in rich deep blue colour, ideal for weddings and other special events. We always turn the vehicle out suitably dressed for the occasion.

Bertie - hood down

In fine weather, the hood can be lowered.

Bertie - inside

Step inside to sample and smell the plush leather upholstery.

Bertie - looking forward

Looking forward.

Bertie - rear view

No detail is overlooked - right down to the decorations on the rear. Our vintage taxis are steeped in vintage flavour - note the old-style registration and the cab licence plate.

Bertie - old tax diisc

Tax discs were a little different in 1934!

Bertie - side view

Our vintage taxis will make your wedding day individual and memorable.

Bertie - with Thomas

If your special event needs a little bit more capacity, we can supply a second vehicle.

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